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Independent Midwife

We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Betty Kellett RGN RM MBE an independent midwife.  You can chose the individual services of a midwife or HypnoBirthing®, however if you decide to take both services we will pleased to offer you a discounted price.  For more details of our HypnoBirthing courses visit www.hypnobirthing4u.co.uk .


Choosing an independent midwife offers you continuity of care from any point in your pregnancy through until a month after the birth of your baby(ies).


All midwife visits take place in your own home at mutually convenient times and so the service is home based and family centred.


Betty is happy to support your needs and requests, offering you choice and control, as long it is safe for you and the baby.  You will receive full support of your birth preferences, where possible.  Betty is experienced with both homebirths and hospital births.  She is happy to look after you if you are expecting one baby, twins, triplets or more.


As your primary carer, she will also offer ante-natal advice on posture, nutrition and exercise so that your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible.  You will also be told of the essentials needed for the birth. This also offers your baby a good start to life.  Ante-natal classes can either be taken with Betty in your home or she highly recommends having HypnoBirthing childbirth education classes.  Postnatal advice includes what you need to buy, how to bathe your baby, change his/her nappy, swaddling and feeding.


Betty Kellett MBE

Betty has been independent since 1994 after 22 years experience within the NHS. She covers Essex and both North and East London. She is fluent in French and Greek and in 2005 was honoured in recognition of her services to families and childcare.  She believes that natural childbirth should be aspired to and is very accepting of complementary therapies to achieve a successful birth.

The areas covered are Essex, East and North London.

For more information call Mulberry Clinic on 0800 848 8619 or Betty directly on 07836 654 738

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