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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a relatively new therapy in the sense that it has been in use in this form since the 1990s.  It is based, however on Eastern beliefs of the energy meridians and acupuncture which date back 5000 years.  Some people refer to it as acupuncture without needles.  Using our fingers to stimulate the meridian points which remove blockages in the energy system, we allow energy to flow freely.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was originally designed to reduce the psychotherapy process from months and years down to minutes and hours. From there it was discovered that astonishing physical healings also occurred. Symptoms faded for everything from Migraine Headaches to Cancer. Complete details are given on the EFT website at www.emofree.com. It often works where nothing else will.

 Founder Gary Craig says:

“The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system”

 And it works on physical problems because:

“Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases”


EFT has been used clinically in thousands of cases often helping where other techniques and therapies have failed.  It is a simple method that is used for everything and easily learned by everyone including children.  No drugs or equipment are needed and the results are often rapid and permanent.


Some of the issues that EFT has been used for:




Pregnancy and Birth related fears and traumas


Children’s Issues


Fears including fear of flying; spiders;


Panic attacks


Performance issues including Public Speaking and Golf



The efficacy of Emotional Freedom Technique applies to just about every problem you can name and it often works where nothing else will. You can learn all the basics for free by downloading the EFT Manual at www.emofree.com/manual . If you wish to save time and dive right in then explore the affordable EFT DVD Library at www.emofree.com/dvds

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