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Hypnotherapy During Pregnancy

Our aim is to use an holistic approach to help mothers achieve an easier and more comfortable birth. Childbirth is natural, women’s bodies are designed to give birth. By trusting and working with your body you can enjoy a calm and beautiful birth the way nature intended.

Used during pregnancy it promotes a special bonding between mother, baby and birthing companion. It is said that babies born where the mother has used hypnotherapy are often calmer and more relaxed. They eat well and sleep better.

We encourage birth companions to take part in the whole process, as they play an important role and can enhance the experience gained by the mother.

Learning relaxation and self-hypnosis to eliminate fear and tension can shorten the first stage of labour and greatly reduce or eliminate the need for drugs to control pain. Hypnotherapy does not interfere with the process of birth, nor does it affect the breathing or circulation of mother or baby.

Hypnotherapy can be of benefit at any stage of pregnancy, so it is never too early or late to start.

Other benefits of using hypnotherapy:

bulletCan be used for both home births or in hospital
bulletCan be used in conjunction with the medical profession and other therapies
bulletThe mother recuperates more quickly
bulletIt can increase or decrease lactation depending on whether breast-feeding is desired or not
bulletIt reduces the likelihood of postnatal depression
bulletCan be used to encourage healthy eating patterns
bulletCan be used to stop smoking
bulletCan help turn a breech baby


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